WORT 89.9 FM Airs Thistle’s Music Hour!

On Monday, March 16th from 7-8 PM CST, WORT 89.9 FM will air another one of Thistle’s Access Hour programs!
But this time, things are a bit different.
First, the show is not focused on interviewing lesbians and feminists about their opinions of gender identity culture and politics.
This current Access Hour program is focused solely on Thistle’s original singer/songwriter music and features Lucy Kilpatrick, a friend of Thistle’s, interviewing her between songs.
Second, there were quite a few hoops Thistle had to jump through before the station agreed to air her music show, one being that it had to be pre-recorded and passed by the entire station staff, volunteers and board of directors before approval.
She also was told that the recording had to happen on a day when there were very few people at the station to avoid an altercation. This was not due to worries about Thistle causing a problem, but rather Thistle’s detractors.
The show was recorded at the station on Saturday afternoon, December 28th 2019. This picture of Thistle was taken that day in the station’s lobby.
The show is going to be great! Please tune-in even if you don’t live in Madison by going to WORT’s web site and clicking on the blue rectangle in the upper right corner that says “listen live.” Do this between 7-8 PM CST on Monday, March 16th and be sure to call 1-608-256-2001 to let Chali Pittman, news director at WORT, know that you appreciate WORT’s support of free speech and Thistle’s music. If you prefer writing instead of calling, you can shoot Chali an email at chali@wortfm.org.

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