WNPJS Removes Libelous Statement About Thistle After Three Years

Three years ago, on February 3rd, 2017, Wisconsin Network for Peace, Justice & Sustainability (WNPJS), published a libelous statement about Thistle that caused a ripple effect that has led to her continued blacklisting and harassment to this day.
The statement came one day after Thistle had agreed not to perform this song (among other environmentally themed songs) at the Pipeline Fighters’ Benefit Extravaganza that she had organized with a group of activists from 350 Madison and Madison Action for Mining Alternatives (MAMA), two groups affiliated with WNPJS.
WNPJS staff members had been in communication with the benefit organizing committee demanding that Thistle step-down as a performer due to their accusation that Thistle was “transphobic.”
The entire board of WNPJS did not endorse the statement, however individuals on the board did, and the organization as a whole agreed to publish it and to keep it online even after multiple requests for its removal.
On Monday, February 17th, 2020, Thistle contacted a WNPJS board member who was not involved at the time, and was able to convince him that the statement should be removed! This is a step in the right direction of righting the wrongs that have occurred since the statement was published.
We are grateful that a WNPJS board member listened to Thistle’s request for the statement’s removal and are hopeful that this removal means that in time, the damage that has been done by the statement will be reversed and Thistle can safely rejoin the progressive activist community that holds the values of peace, justice and sustainability in high priority.
For this to happen, we hope that WNPJS will communicate with Wil-Mar with regard to the incitement to lynch Thistle that happened last month, and encourage them to follow their lead and desist from aiding gender identity activists in their campaigns against Thistle by lifting the ban on her performing on the Wil-Mar stage.

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