Wil-Mar board refuses to discuss the ban

After a month of waiting for a response from the Wil-Mar board of directors to the statement Thistle submitted to them on April 18th, they still have not responded. This statement was co-signed by the Defend Feminists committee and three brave locals who are concerned about democratic process and true policies of inclusion in Madison

Because they are ignoring this statement and the next board meeting is coming up next week on May 23rd, we are stepping up our pressure on them to at least communicate with Thistle about what caused the ban on her performing on their stage and how long the ban will last. Check out this wonderful letter a Madison area local wrote to the board that they have not responded to. This is just one of many that they have not replied to.

If you have not done so already, please use the template letter found on the side-bar of our web site to write to the board of Wil-Mar demanding they at least explain the terms of the ban to her and why it is in place. Thank you for supporting the Defend Feminists campaign!


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