Unauthorized use of Thistle’s picture by Madison band, Dumpster Dick

After the May 23rd action at the Wil-Mar neighborhood center’s board meeting that we reported on here, a picture of Thistle from that demonstration was photo shopped and used by the Madison band, Dumpster Dick, to promote themselves on their FB page.This was done presumably as a favor by the band to the board of the Wil-Mar Center and was acknowledged by a ‘like’ from Wil-Mar’s Development director Beatrice Hadidian.

Beatrice liking Dumpster Dick's harassment of Thistle. To view the full size screenshot, right click the picture and select "view image".
Beatrice liking Dumpster Dick’s harassment of Thistle. To view the full size screenshot, right click the picture and select “view image” / “open image in new tab” / etc.
After multiple complaints to Facebook to get the page to remove the photos, they have not. Please take a moment to report Dumpster Dick (archive) to Facebook for “hate speech” and/or “harassment.”
That a band name that is obscene and misogynistic is widely publicized in Madison is a shame for Madison, especially for the men of the town. That this band can target a woman and publicize itself by pasting its ugly name on a picture of her is a double shame.
Thistle wrote a letter to Wil-Mar board president Bob Hemauer informing him of the Development Director’s actions and the next day, Ms. Hadidian’s “like” was absent from the post of Thistle’s image. This is a victory! She must have gotten some heat from the board president to take back her “like!”
TRIGGER WARNING! If you click on the following link, you will be exposed to rape culture language that is truly offensive.The urban dictionary defines “dumpster dick” here. As you can see, showing public support for this band whose singer is central to the campaigns of harassment Thistle endures, has no place at a neighborhood center on the east side of Madison, or anywhere, for that matter.

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