Threat of Bodily Harm Sent to Thistle Pettersen

Apparently someone or a group in Madison is putting up stickers around town that offend trans activists. Thistle has not participated in this stickering activity yet she just received a threat that her hands will be harmed if more of them are put up.
Like minded women are everywhere and Thistle cannot take credit for stickering the dictionary definition of the word “woman” around town.
The threatening message into Thistle’s inbox is from someone named Meredith JoAnne Fetting on Facebook, and should be concerning to all who have waged or enabled the campaigns against Thistle. Our guess is that Fetting is a Madison local who may have been reached by Dumpster D**k and Christine Elaine and their campaigns against Thistle. Fetting also left a threat on WLRN’s FB page on June 17th. See below.
Please consider writing to WORT board president David Deveraux-Weber and Bob Hemauer, Wil-Mar board president, letting them know about this latest threat that their organizations have endorsed through bans on Thistle and public defamatory comments. Ask them to communicate to all concerned that they don’t condone physical threats, incitement, or harassment of community members, and to allow Thistle to face her accusers and respond to the vague charge that she is a hateful bigot. WORT board president’s email is: and Wil-Mar board president’s email is:

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  1. Leave women alone, murderous men! You have no logic, you are ridiculous. Stop this toxic behaviour and engage in proper debate if you don’t agree. Like good human beings should.
    Bullying just makes you assholes.

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