Thistle Writes Song for Georgia Green Party Candidate

Watch this campaign video to hear Thistle’s new original song she performed!

It’s election season and in the spirit of grassroots advocacy for progressive, environmentalist candidates, members of the Georgia Green Party asked Thistle to write a campaign song for Green Party candidate for Senate, John Fortuin.
This opportunity gave Thistle the chance to work in the studio again and rise to the occasion of writing and performing her original music for a good cause.
Thistle joined the Green Party soon after learning that the party in Georgia had endorsed the Declaration on Women’s Sex Based Rights. She has been building a relationship with key members of the party in solidarity ever since.
We at Defend Feminists are excited that Thistle was given the chance to shine again with her original music and to use it to promote messages of environmentalism and election integrity.

2 Replies to “Thistle Writes Song for Georgia Green Party Candidate”

  1. I am a 30-year Green Party member who is working with Thistle to advance this cause as well. Our critics are superficial in their understanding of the matter.

  2. I am glad at least a person with a Dutch heritage has seen the light and supports that there are women in the world, ie. female born human beings, whose bodies carry the organs meant to give life to the species

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