The work of feminist filmmaker Vaishnavi Sundar

Vaishnavi Sundar is a young radical feminist filmmaker and writer from India. She just wrote this impressive piece about the implications of “social distancing” in her hometown and in many neighborhoods in her country as the world goes into lockdown. She also recently published an article about being called “transphobic” and punished by trans activists who successfully de-platformed her in New York City at an event that was important to her film career. 

Recently, Thistle, in her capacity as a member of the WLRN media collective,  spoke with Ms. Sundar via skype to ask her about her life growing up in India and how she came to be a radical feminist and filmmaker as well as how she is defending herself from trans activists’ attacks. You can listen to that interview here.The Defend Feminists Campaign stands with Ms. Sundar and all women who misogynists hound and persecute for expressing opinions.

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