Solidarity with Feminist Current!

We at the Defend Feminists Campaign received the following message from ‘Feminist Current’, vital news and opinion outlet that the silencers would like very much to silence. Visit FC on Facebook at Send your messages of solidarity there! Donations are especially welcome at this time. Looking forward to returning to the web!

“As some of you may know, Feminist Current was attacked yesterday afternoon. The site was hacked, as was our Twitter account, and my personal information was posted publicly on the site. We have recovered the Twitter account, though not our handle, which was stolen by the attackers. (You can report the account here, so we can recover our handle.)

We are working to get the site back up online as soon as we can.

This is far from the first time Feminist Current has been attacked for our political views, and will not be the last. We have experienced numerous attacks over the years, and they are incredibly stressful to deal with and often scary.

The kinds of people who attack our site are dangerous and unhinged. These attacks are never random or funny — they are consistently led by men who genuinely hate me and what we produce at Feminist Current. They are the same kinds of people who show up at my talks to threaten myself and attendees, who send us death threats, and who then claim I am dangerous or harmful. They are men who threaten me with death, rape, and more. They are who would have me jailed for “hate speech” if they could.

It should be very clear who the dangerous, hateful actors are in all this, and that it is women like myself who are targeted and in danger, not the reverse.

There is nothing in the world that will make me give up this fight, so these threats and attacks are in vain. That said, I hope people realize and appreciate that this work is incredibly hard, is scary, is risky, and is stressful for all women who do it. It is not easy or safe for any of us.

I am not in this fight and I do not do the work I do because it is easy for me. It has never been “easy.” I have had to fight from the get go, and continue to fight. I do this work because it is the right thing to do and because it is important. Women’s sex-based rights are important. The truth is important. Free speech is important.

I appreciate all who have reached out to check in on me. I am safe. I am grateful for everyone’s support over the years, and their support right now. I would not have managed this far without your help and support from so many people around the world.


Meghan Murphy

Founder & Editor of Feminist Current

Feminist Current is funded solely through reader donations. If you value the work we do, please consider a donation.

Many thanks”

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