Lesbian Feminist Peggy Luhrs

Defend Feminists recently learned of the case of Peggy Luhrs, lesbian feminist activist and scholar from Burlington, Vermont. Peggy attempted to hold a talk at the public library in her town about sex and gender and was called “hateful” by city council members, the mayor and library officials alike. For fear of being shouted down by trans activists, she cancelled the talk.

On March 8th, International Women’s Day, Luhrs’ situation in Burlington was featured in the Post Millenial.

From the article:

“This is not the first time in the past couple of years that Luhrs, who has been an active leader for many years in the women’s movement, has come under fire in the community. Many of us began to take note of her latest saga when she shared on Facebook about having her scheduled talk on Female Erasure in August of 2018 at the Peace and Justice Center cancelled after outcries from trans activists about the event.”

“Considering the kinds of protests, cancel culture silencings, and threats of violence that have been known to happen in other places towards other feminists, women’s rights activists, and their meetings, Peggy Luhrs had a very valid safety concern in making the decision to cancel her library talk.”

Thistle, in her capacity as a reporter for Women’s Liberation Radio News, recently interviewed Luhrs to hear firsthand about her experiences and encounters with trans ideology and activism in her hometown. There are striking similarities between Thistle’s case in Madison, and Peggy’s case in liberal/progressive “woke” Burlington. We encourage you to listen to the interview in its entirety to get a clear picture of what women are facing in their communities if they dare to speak out against gender identity ideology and politics.
Defend Feminists Campaign stands with all women in their right to freedom of assembly, speech and participation in civil society free of shunning and harassment. We stand in solidarity with Peggy Luhrs.

3 Replies to “Lesbian Feminist Peggy Luhrs”

  1. It is not surprising that woman-hating (a better term than misogyny) is winning in western cultures, because the success of the Second Wave of Feminism, ie. the politics of Radical Feminism, had to be curtailed at the end of the 1980s. Two movements were helping this eradication of feminism, ie. the organised Left, which insisted that women had to be simply one of the groups oppressed by capitalism (refusing to see that the dehumanisation of those born female is 4000 years old and thus inherent in all cultures), the other was Gay Liberation, whose theories about sex/gender introduced sexual orientation as the basis of discriminiation,led to the denial that lesbians are females, ie. they are part of the dehumanised sex…..

  2. Those calling defense of women’s rights “hateful” need to look in the mirror when they unthinkingly make that claim. Bullies need to be challenged and exposed.

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