Justice for Ann Menasche

Ann Menasche comments on sex-denialism

On May 11, 2022, Ann Menasche, a long-time civil rights attorney, lesbian, feminist, and left-wing activist, was fired from her job of 20 years without warning within a few days of sending an email to staff that abortion bans harm women as a sex, despite a strong work record advocating for her clients.

Ann’s case should be deeply concerning to lesbians, feminists, supporters of workers’ rights, and anyone else who believes that employers should not have the right to control the thoughts, opinions, and outside political activities of employees. No democracy can survive if employees are terrified, on pain of losing their jobs, of participating in political activity outside of work of which their employer may disapprove.

And it is impossible to fight to regain the right to abortion, if we cannot mention the one and only coherent group of humans that is directly affected by abortion bans, the only group capable of becoming pregnant- women and girls i.e., biological females, regardless how they identify.

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  1. No employer should be allowed to fire an employee based on what they believe. I find it a form of discrimination. Employers should not allow to rule over an employees life. Everyone is an individual and we might not all think the same, but I feel putting a ban on abortion is wrong! I am a Christian woman and sometimes for the safety of the life of the mother abortion is necessary. If a ban on abortion were to occur we can expect woman to go use extreme measures of getting illegal abortions and this can can loss of life to the woman for a abortion gone wrong.
    I believe woman should have a choice and remember that if violates your religion know that everyone will be judged by God. We can only tell the person how we feel, bit it is up to the Individual what they will do in the end!

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