Inciting Violence Has No Place on the Left

The Defend Feminists campaign has received reports of a new physical threat/incitement to violence against Thistle Pettersen. At a meeting of an antiwar coalition in Madison, WI, January 28, 2020, an activist from the Party of Socialism and Liberation stated that “in a socialist America” Thistle would be sent to a “re-education camp” to have her opinions changed by force. He later said, “She should be hung. She should be killed.”

The lynching-like incitement was uttered at a community center that has banned Pettersen from singing, giving as reason her feminist opinions about gender and the claim that she is “hateful and bigoted” due to her opinions.

The antiwar meeting was discussing a proposal to endorse a February event of the No F-35 Action Faction. A participant asked whether Thistle Pettersen was involved in the action. Another participant then made the statement about hanging Pettersen. We are told that those in charge of the meeting made no effort to demand a retraction and apology.

The following questions now arise:

  •  whether the political group that this “activist” belongs to tolerates incitements to violence by its members;
  • whether the meeting venue is willing to be an organizing location for efforts to terrorize women.

Recall that in summer 2019, a leader of Dumpster Dick, a Madison instrumental/vocal group, posted public claims that “TERF” feminists were present in Madison neighborhoods and called for driving them out, also showing pictures of how to turn furniture into weapons; and a so-called “general defense” outfit waged a similar campaign to drive feminists out of Madison.

The campaign against Thistle and others targeted them by location, and used a misogynistic slur associated with death threats, as in the vandalism at a Vancouver rape relief center that featured the words “Kill all “T..Fs”. The campaign of physical threats against Thistle and others subsided. Is it starting again, with the possible enabling of activist groups, officials, and public personalities in the city of Madison? When will the harassment of Thistle stop?

7 Replies to “Inciting Violence Has No Place on the Left”

  1. Great…another reason why women left The Male Left. And F the dumpster dk who thinks it’s ok to urge a purge of feminists from our neighborhoods. The Seps eere right: leave the nastards to fend for themselves, and use our energy for what *we* need.

  2. And we need to show up en masse at one of these meetings, especially some of us the dumpsters don’t recognize, and call them out on these threats.

  3. Disgraceful! These privileged liberal lefties have long abandoned socialism. They just promote individualism and misogyny now.

  4. I think we should all write to Elizabeth Warren, asking her assistance in protecting women from these men. She’s apparently completely gone Woke, and needs a Wake-up call anyway. And — who knows? — it might get her attention. I think a letter just telling her there’s not a done deal between all women (except for us “trans haters”, of course) and all trans activists would probably be concealed from her by her staff…

  5. Why haven’t you reported these remarks to the police as credible threats to life? Just writing about it and asking them to behave better and pleading with some politician to protect you isn’t the proper reaction here. Trans go to the police and law with made up fear and they get results. It’s time you quit ignoring this kind of behaviour. Anyone, anywhere, getting threats like this under any circumstances knows to report to police, immediately.

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