Thistle to Appear on TV show in NYC

HELP US GET THE WORD OUT! Thistle will appear on Chris Hedges’ On Contact show in New York. Chris will interview her about the defamation and blacklisting she is facing in Madison as a result of her criticism of gender ideology. Going on the air takes a lot of bravery, but it is also expensive. Please consider donating to help pay for the cost of traveling and lodging in NYC.

Donate by hitting the Paypal button on the Defend Feminists web site sidebar. The show will be taped on Monday, May 13th!

Do you know anyone who lives in the NYC area? Any feminist who would be excited to meet and greet Thistle while she is in the City? She would like to play an informal show of her original music while there. Perhaps at an open-mic? Perhaps in a local’s living room? Please contact us below. Thanks for supporting the Defend Feminists campaign!

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