Defend Feminists Holds Local Action at Wil-Mar Center!

Thistle and local supporters hold signs. Thistle’s sign is blank, symbolizing her erasure from the local community.

On Thursday May 23rd Thistle Pettersen and local supporters held signs and handed out leaflets to Will-Mar Center board members.  The Will-Mar center board president has refused to schedule Thistle on the Board of Directors agenda, preventing individual board members from hearing about her case. We will not be silenced!

Video clip of Thistle and her supporters at the beginning of the board meeting.

2 Replies to “Defend Feminists Holds Local Action at Wil-Mar Center!”

  1. Shame on wilmar! They need to start upholding their own so called standards. Atrocious behavior from wilmar. This is not ok.

  2. Hey sister, Just sent my email. They haven’t learned that silencing only makes us LOUDER I guess!

    Keep up the fight! I suggest a LIVE stream on any app you can download. Periscope would be great. You need a twitter account. You might get banned for a broadcast but worth it! I got banned for creating artwork of WANTED posters that are images of some of the men in women’s sports – ‘dead naming’ them is apparently ‘HATE SPEECH’!

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