Celebrating the Life of Magdalen Berns: Lesbian Feminist Icon

The lesbian feminist YouTube commentator, Magdalen Berns, died this morning in Scotland, at age 35 surrounded by family. She was in palliative care for cancer of the brain.
She is loved by a whole generation of feminists and was known for her quick wit and comedic presentation of serious matters. Her messy hair and casual style made her accessible to viewers as she drew intellectual circles around misogynistic and homophobic politics and ideology. Many women report gaining the courage to begin to speak out because of watching her videos. She is respected by many across the political spectrum.
She lives on at her YouTube channel.  Click on this link to read an article about her in ‘After Ellen.’ The Defend Feminists Campaign is saddened by this tremendous loss but determined to use our grief to propel us forward in our defense of feminists everywhere.

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  1. So eternally grateful for you wit, and technology so I may never be without your voice, for you are gone sister, but never will be forgotten.

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