Cartoonist sacked from the Morning Star newspaper

Morning Star, a socialist daily newspaper out of Britain, likes sharp-edged satire, but the bite of a cartoon by Stella Perrett lambasting self identity cut too deep for them.  The Communist Party of Great Britain which publishes Morning Star, adopted a resolution at a recent Congress that expressed concern at “the divisive debate around self-identification which conflates ‘sex’ and ‘gender’ which could threaten the rights of women and girls”, but when confronted with criticism about the cartoon by transactivists, the Morning Star failed women and girls.  The newspaper cut ties with Stella Perrett and subsequently published an apology for the cartoon that maligned her reputation, and may have caused Ms. Perrett to lose her job with the Public and Commercial Services Union.
The cartoon focuses on an issue the trans activist movement refuses to address; namely the issue of male violence.  It is an undisputed fact that biological males commit the vast majority of violent crimes.  Additionally, “While being transgender does not equal being a criminal, being biologically male does equal a higher average rate of criminality.  According to a longitudinal peer-reviewed study on post-op transgender persons that is published in a highly-regarded academic journal: trans identified males had a significantly increased risk for crime compared to female controls, but not compared to males.  This indicates that they retained a male pattern regarding criminality. The same was true regarding violent crime.” 
The trans movement needs to grapple with the issue that male-bodied people commit crimes against women just as surely as those protesting for Black Lives Matter have to grapple with the problem of a small group of people who become looters.  And just as most protestors are peaceful and know that the criticism of looting doesn’t apply to them, non-violent transgender people need to understand that the voracious predator depicted in the cartoon does not apply them.  Still, even the most voracious predator doesn’t wear a sign on his forehead identifying himself as such.  The NAACP in the U.S. accepts people of all races as members but surely wouldn’t allow someone in full KKK regalia to join them.  Union meetings for workers don’t allow the boss to sit in, similarly, male-bodied people don’t belong in women’s safe spaces.


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  1. Just an update, my dispute with the newspaper rumbles on. If they do not agree to give me Right of Reply, I will be publishing it myself and sending a link to all feminist sites and platforms.

    In the meantime, all my cartoons are a FREE RESOURCE for feminist campaigners, just go to: ( Feminist fight- back page)
    And explores the ludicrous- ness of trans ideology through the eyes of a class of kids running rings round their teachers…


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