Communication with Wil-Mar board

Breaking news! Thanks to all of our supporters who have sent letters to the Wil-Mar. Keep ’em coming! The Wil-Mar board got back to Thistle this week with the following letter regarding her request to meet with the board to discuss the ban on her performing there at their April 18th board meeting:


Thanks again for reaching out. After some thought, I wanted to let you know that we will not be taking this matter up at this month’s meeting. This situation has already been discussed at the board level, and there was unanimous support for staff’s interpretation of Wil-Mar’s facility use policy, so I don’t think it is a productive use of anyone’s time at this point to invite you to a meeting. If you’d like, I’d be happy to forward any written statement you’d like to submit about this situation on to the board for review.

Thank you for your understanding,

Bob Hemauer
Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center

We need to keep the pressure on them to meet in person with Thistle so they don’t get away with just blowing her off! What the board of Wil-Mar is acquiescing to is the claim by Wil-Mar staff that Thistle exercises “bigotry, hatred and discrimination against Trans men and Trans women in our community.” This was the reason given for the ban without providing any evidence for it. To see the statement Thistle crafted for the board that the Defend Feminists committee and a few brave locals co-signed and sent on April 18th, click here.

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