Nina Paley, Blacklisted Feminist, Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Nina Paley is the recipient of this year’s Lifetime Achievement Animakom award, an award given once a year to an artist by the Animakom Fest held in Bilbao, Spain.

In our ongoing efforts to document trans activist abuse of feminist women, Defend Feminists is proud to present our followers with stories from the life and work of filmmaker Nina Paley. In this interview with WLRN, Ms. Paley expresses her feminist beliefs and her concerns about what trans activism is doing to our democracy and participation in it by its citizenry, something Defend Feminists Campaign cares deeply about.

You will also hear Ms. Paley speak about the blacklisting of her work in her hometown of Champaign/Urbana, Illinois.

The similarities between what has happened to Thistle in Madison and what has happened to Peggy Luhrs in Burlington, Vermont are striking.

Nina Paley
 is the creator of the award-winning animated musical feature films Sita Sings the Blues and Seder-Masochism. She is also a moderator of the new popular feminist social media platform, Spinster. She has been deplatformed, banned, and blacklisted for saying penises are male.

To write to Animakom Fest to thank them for awarding Ms. Paley with their lifetime achievement award knowing she is blacklisted elsewhere for her feminist views and willingness to speak out, please write to:

Below, find a template letter you can change up or just send as is to them.

Dear Animakom,

Thank you for supporting feminist animator Nina Paley by choosing her to honor with your Lifetime Achievement award this year.
As you know, Ms. Paley has been the target of bullying attempts to destroy her career that have managed to get her blacklisted from venues in her hometown in Illinois.
It warms my heart that your festival, despite knowing this, chose to honor Ms. Paley publicly for her amazing work.
I know that trans activists tend to attack organizations, businesses, schools, festivals and venues when they support feminist women and hope that your festival is safe from these kinds of attacks that can sometimes lead to boycotts.
Thanks again for supporting the art of feminist filmmaker, Nina Paley.


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